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Learning Center

Learning Center
History of the Dow Jones Average
Charles Dow and his partner Edward Jones, founders of the publication that grew into the Wall Street Journal, saw a need for a standardized measure of stock market activity.

Learning Center
Should You Invest Globally?
The decision to invest in foreign markets depends on many personal factors. Portfolio size, investment horizon, and financial goals can play an inportant role in the decision to invest globally.

Learning Center
Mutual Fund Basics - Do you know them?
There are four basic factors to consider when investing - your goals, your time horizon, your risk tolerance, and your financial situation.

Learning Center
FOMC History
The federal reserve System serves as the Central Bank of the United States. It was founded by Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system.

Learning Center
Economic History
Recently, a Snoopy snoe cone maker was sold on Ebay for $150. The bidding was out of control. But somewhere out there, someone got exactly what they wanted: a piece of plastic that grinds ice.

Learning Center
Economic Report Glossary
From Beige Books, PMI's, PPI, Consumer confidence, Humphrey Hawkins to the producer Price Index and more. Find out what analysts and reporters are referring to.

Understanding Bonds
Bond Risks
There are several types of risk that face bond investors

Credit Market Basics
When the Internet gold rush was at its peak in the late 1999, few investors thought it worthwhile to seek diversification and lower risk of bond investing.

Buying Bonds
The bond market, one of the last bastions of institutional exclusivity, is becomeing friendlier to the online investor.

Bond Portfolio
Most people investing today know that the long term return of owning a portfolio of bonds has significantly inderperformed a portfolio of stocks over almost any time period.

Yield Curves- A Sign of Things to Come
Many sophisticated measurements have been devised to predict the rat e of U.S. economic growth.

Price Risk : Duration and Convexity
A common metric used to measure a bond's price volatility is called duration

Bond Terminology
Do you hear the bond market update on CNBC and just shrug your shoulders?



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