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Drone Driver
11:27:13 PM| 5/27/2017
By Jim Brown | The future of combat both air to air and air to ground is drones.

Going Out of Style
10:19:53 PM| 5/25/2017
By Jim Brown | Fashion trends come and go and this one is struggling.

Unhealthy Earnings
8:56:50 PM| 5/24/2017
By Jim Brown | Retailers of all types have been reporting weak earnings but this company is guiding for lower lows.

Volume Drying Up
9:33:52 PM| 5/23/2017
By Jim Brown | This is a holiday week and the exodus of traders will begin at 2:15 on Wednesday.

Semiconductors are Hot
8:26:40 PM| 5/22/2017
By Jim Brown | The semiconductor sector is setting new highs because our future is powered by chips.

Easy Way Out
3:14:56 AM| 5/21/2017
By Jim Brown | When faced with a complicated task many companies take the easy way out.

9:04:51 PM| 5/18/2017
By Jim Brown | We dropped -2% on Wednesday and rallied 0.25% on Thursday. That is called a dead cat bounce.

Hysteria Over
10:44:26 PM| 5/17/2017
By Jim Brown | Wednesday's headline crash is behind us and odds are good it was a one-day wonder.

Sentiment Crisis
9:50:08 PM| 5/16/2017
By Jim Brown | Today's Washington drama has the potential to seriously damage market sentiment.

Miss and Raise
9:20:52 PM| 5/15/2017
By Jim Brown | Can you miss on earnings and revenue, lower guidance and still raise expectations?

Losing Your Gains?
11:20:13 PM| 5/13/2017
By Jim Brown | Sometimes losing your gains is very hard to do.

Event Risk Rising
10:06:54 PM| 5/11/2017
By Jim Brown | Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the market a new problem arises.

Repeat Position
8:01:45 PM| 5/10/2017
By Jim Brown | We exited this retailer before earnings but it is time to bring it back.

Vertically Challenged
10:35:12 PM| 5/9/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow and S&P are suffering from a sleeping sickness. They are putting traders to sleep.

Ugly All Over
8:05:54 PM| 5/8/2017
By Jim Brown | Some companies develop a negative trend others redefine the term negative.

Back from the Dead
10:10:43 PM| 5/6/2017
By Jim Brown | After six years of declining revenue, the results have improved significantly.

Fork in the Road
9:29:35 PM| 5/4/2017
By Jim Brown | The market has come to a fork in the road and cannot decide which direction to take.

No Long Term Future
8:04:29 PM| 5/3/2017
By Jim Brown | Sectors come and go and this one has no long-term future.

Directionally Challenged
9:49:55 PM| 5/2/2017
By Jim Brown | Markets are mixed and choppy while investors try to decide if they want to buy or sell a market top.

Earnings Surprise
9:54:42 PM| 5/1/2017
By Jim Brown | Oil companies have been beating estimates for Q1 for more than one reason.

Phoenix Rising
11:48:30 PM| 4/29/2017
By Jim Brown | Companies do rise from the ashes of a prior disaster to become desirable again.

Friday is Decision Day
10:36:50 PM| 4/27/2017
By Jim Brown | After two days of monster gains, the indexes have traded sideways for two days.

Things Do Not Always Work Out
9:18:58 PM| 4/26/2017
By Jim Brown | On the road to fame and riches, there are potholes of reality.

Pause to Reflect
9:36:26 PM| 4/25/2017
By Jim Brown | After two days of major moves, the gains in individual stocks were muted

Ignore China
9:17:26 PM| 4/24/2017
By Jim Brown | Raymond James said not to fret over China's economic growth. This sector is exploding.

Frexit Dip?
11:36:02 PM| 4/22/2017
By Jim Brown | Will there be a repeat of the Brexit dip if the wrong person comes out on top in the French elections?

Buying Opportunity?
8:29:43 PM| 4/20/2017
By Jim Brown | Buying rallies is not normally a good plan. Buying weakness is normally safer.

Buy Low, Sell Higher
8:47:36 PM| 4/19/2017
By Jim Brown | Some drug companies have taken big hits recently. Time to buy this one.

Patience, Grasshopper
9:12:40 PM| 4/18/2017
By Jim Brown | We must strike when the time is right rather than strike out swinging at every pitch.

Try, Try Again
9:27:37 PM| 4/17/2017
By Jim Brown | If at first you do not succeed, try, try again.

Chart Failure
11:47:14 PM| 4/15/2017
By Jim Brown | The small cap indexes have been trading sideways for the last four months.

Volatility Gift
10:34:12 PM| 4/12/2017
By Jim Brown | The volatility has risen all week and that gives us an opportunity to enter a favorite position.

No Rush
9:34:55 PM| 4/11/2017
By Jim Brown | The five days of small cap gains suggest there is a change in the wind but the big cap markets are diverging.

Small Cap Wasteland
9:52:08 PM| 4/10/2017
By Jim Brown | The recent weakness in small cap stocks has killed the majority of the individual stock charts.

Vacation Time is Here
11:27:07 PM| 4/8/2017
By Jim Brown | Where are you going on your vacation? This company has hundreds of choices available.

Off the Beaten Path
8:46:17 PM| 4/6/2017
By Jim Brown | Most traders have probably never heard of this company currently making new highs.

Party is Over
8:51:56 PM| 4/5/2017
By Jim Brown | When a court decision invalidates 90% of a company's revenue, the outlook is grim.

Lack of Conviction
10:47:47 PM| 4/4/2017
By Jim Brown | The indexes posted minimal gains on Tuesday despite the rebound from Monday's lows.

Oil Train Leaving the Station
7:47:41 PM| 4/3/2017
By Jim Brown | Oil prices are going higher as we enter the summer driving season. All Aboard!

Activist Victory
9:55:57 PM| 4/1/2017
By Jim Brown | Normally activist investors push stocks higher but a victory here was painful.

No Shade Here
9:36:25 PM| 3/30/2017
By Jim Brown | The sun is baking this company's profits and investors are not happy.

Semis Are Hot
9:51:59 PM| 3/29/2017
By Jim Brown | The semiconductor index has been setting new highs for several months.

Direction Please?
10:21:22 PM| 3/28/2017
By Jim Brown | My crystal ball is cloudy today and there is no obvious direction.

Shrinking Violet
8:28:21 PM| 3/27/2017
By Jim Brown | This company has been shrinking for the last 18 months and guided for even more shrinkage.

Rare Opportunity
9:44:03 PM| 3/25/2017
By Jim Brown | This sector is hot with daily headlines and a strong potential for M&A.

Broken Charts
7:11:15 PM| 3/23/2017
By Jim Brown | The small cap sector cannot decide if it wants to rally or run hide.

Grilled Steak Burgers
9:05:35 PM| 3/22/2017
By Jim Brown | The fast casual space is fiercely competitive but one company is succeeding.

Avoid Hungry Bears
10:30:09 PM| 3/21/2017
By Jim Brown | The selloff finally arrived and the bears are on the prowl.

Acquisition Candidate
10:48:35 PM| 3/20/2017
By Jim Brown | This biotech with a portfolio of potential cancer drugs is a potential acquisition candidate.

Bird Flu is Back
11:15:35 PM| 3/18/2017
By Jim Brown | The bird flu is back and rapidly expanding with the most human cases on record.

New Drugs Ahead
9:54:37 PM| 3/16/2017
By Jim Brown | This company has multiple drugs in the pipeline with some very close to approval.

Major Move Ahead
10:31:38 PM| 3/15/2017
By Jim Brown | This company is changing its market and it has a built in audience.

Be Risk Averse
10:15:33 PM| 3/14/2017
By Jim Brown | Volume was low and movement minimal ahead of the Fed decision.

Very Bullish Buying
10:42:39 PM| 3/13/2017
By Jim Brown | An investor is betting $1.7 million this $10 stock is going higher.

Solid Resistance
11:36:20 PM| 3/11/2017
By Jim Brown | The post earnings bounce came to a dead stop at prior resistance.

Successful Support Test?
10:39:31 PM| 3/9/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow and S&P both tested initial support intraday and rebounded back to positive territory.

Small Cap Direction?
8:56:12 PM| 3/8/2017
By Jim Brown | Tell me where the small caps are headed and I could predict market direction.

Competition Accelerating
4:41:07 PM| 3/7/2017
By Jim Brown | Competition for the consumer dollar is heating up in every sector.

Retail Disaster
10:10:31 PM| 3/6/2017
By Jim Brown | The Q4 shopping season was not kind to major retailers and lesser retailers fared even worse.

Time Flies
11:31:04 PM| 3/4/2017
By Jim Brown | Time is passing this retailer by as a tough holiday season saw shares fall to 8-year lows.

Internet of Things
7:56:10 PM| 3/1/2017
By Jim Brown | There are lots of players in the IoT sector and it is expected to quadruple over the next three years.

Russell Implosion
4:21:10 PM| 2/28/2017
By Jim Brown | Small cap investors ran for the sidelines on Tuesday to avoid post speech volatility.

Free Energy
9:22:55 PM| 2/27/2017
By Jim Brown | Companies have been trying to harness this free energy for decades and this company is winning the battle.

Behind the Curve
10:18:09 PM| 2/25/2017
By Jim Brown | Technology is tough. Stand still for a couple months and a dozen companies will leapfrog your products.

Feeling Lucky?
10:00:58 PM| 2/23/2017
By Jim Brown | Remember the old Dirty Harry line, "Do you feel lucky punk."

Back from the Dead
7:40:10 PM| 2/22/2017
By Jim Brown | This company makes a habit out of rising from the ashes.

Small Cap Gains
10:50:25 PM| 2/21/2017
By Jim Brown | The small cap indexes posted decent gains on Tuesday but still not a breakout.

Down in a Bull Market
11:27:56 PM| 2/18/2017
By Jim Brown | This is a tech stock that is not rising in a strongly bullish market.

I Have Sinned
6:39:26 PM| 2/16/2017
By Jim Brown | I am going against my rules with today's recommendation.

26 Straight Earnings Wins
9:29:18 PM| 2/15/2017
By Jim Brown | They say follow the trend until it ends. This trend ended.

New Indicator Please
6:19:29 PM| 2/14/2017
By Jim Brown | Investors the world over would pay a fortune if you could develop this indicator.

Sleeper Stock
10:00:13 PM| 2/13/2017
By Jim Brown | This stock rarely makes headlines but their expected earnings growth for 2017 is 105%.

Sector Consolidation
6:58:22 PM| 2/11/2017
By Jim Brown | This fragmented sector with a dozen key players is due to consolidate.

Small Cap Earnings
10:34:50 PM| 2/9/2017
By Jim Brown | The next two weeks are known as the small cap earnings weeks.

Biotech Reload
9:46:00 PM| 2/8/2017
By Jim Brown | The biotech sector is not showing any signs of weakness despite recent political comments.

Tempting Fate
9:39:01 PM| 2/7/2017
By Jim Brown | The market is not giving us any clear sign of future market direction.

I Hate This Stock
10:22:50 PM| 2/6/2017
By Jim Brown | It never goes down and never gives us a decent entry point.

Real Profit Taking
3:40:30 PM| 2/4/2017
By Jim Brown | Many stocks that rallied after the election have failed to correct and buying them at the top could be risky.

Futures Falling Again
10:01:57 PM| 2/2/2017
By Jim Brown | This is getting to be a routine occurrence where the futures decline after strong earnings.

New 52-Week High
8:57:18 PM| 2/1/2017
By Jim Brown | It has been a long dry spell for this company but the future is bright.

Commodity Boom
4:20:05 PM| 1/31/2017
By Jim Brown | Demand for this commodity is booming and could hit record levels.

Drug Surprise
8:48:24 PM| 1/30/2017
By Jim Brown | Small companies can sometimes create novel drugs that become blockbusters.

Ugly Chart
9:58:41 PM| 1/28/2017
By Jim Brown | Sometimes companies just cannot get it right and miss over and over on earnings.

Retail Funk
9:54:05 PM| 1/26/2017
By Jim Brown | Hardly a day goes by that some retailer does not report lower sales and the sector outlook is bleak.

Build the Wall
10:56:02 PM| 1/25/2017
By Jim Brown | The president appears to be on track to begin building his border wall.

No Rush
9:38:44 PM| 1/24/2017
By Jim Brown | We are still in that post inauguration phase where market direction could be volatile.

Merger in Trouble
8:08:38 PM| 1/23/2017
By Jim Brown | The FTC is taking a dim view of a merger affecting this stock and the outlook is negative.

Small Cap Winner
11:16:57 PM| 1/21/2017
By Jim Brown | This stock belongs to a very select group of small cap stocks that actually moved higher over the last three weeks.

Event Risk Friday
7:57:52 PM| 1/19/2017
By Jim Brown | The market will be ignored on Friday until a headline appears to cause a volatility event.

Patiently Waiting
8:29:29 PM| 1/18/2017
By Jim Brown | The headline flow increased on Wednesday and should go into overdrive on Thursday.

Headline Warning
10:06:57 PM| 1/17/2017
By Jim Brown | The only guarantee for the rest of the week is a rapid increase in the number of headlines.

Under Attack
11:25:55 PM| 1/14/2017
By Jim Brown | Drug companies are under fire about prices and some are at ground zero.

Acquisition Ahead?
8:56:01 PM| 1/12/2017
By Jim Brown | Are competing drug companies about to join forces?

Chemical Rally
8:26:18 PM| 1/11/2017
By Jim Brown | The post election rally in industrials also covered the chemical sector.

Coin Toss
9:38:46 PM| 1/10/2017
By Jim Brown | Market direction on Wednesday is a coin toss.

Going Back In
7:10:36 PM| 1/9/2017
By Jim Brown | We are reloading this retail company short.

Drug Approved
10:52:49 PM| 1/7/2017
By Jim Brown | This biotech company will present next week at the JPM Healthcare Conference.

8:21:32 PM| 1/5/2017
By Jim Brown | The indexes were mixed with the Nasdaq the only winner and the rest of the indexes losing ground.

Bears Baffled
8:55:20 PM| 1/4/2017
By Jim Brown | The markets rebounded to resistance completely baffling those who expected a sudden decline in January.

Extended Holiday
9:59:00 PM| 1/3/2017
By Jim Brown | We cannot determine January's market direction from one day's activity.

Take the Day Off
8:05:41 PM| 1/1/2017
By Jim Brown | Tuesday is an official trading holiday while we look for market direction.

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