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First Step, Long Journey
4:07:15 PM| 10/16/2018
By Jim Brown | The morning short squeeze helped to erase some oversold conditions and reversed market direction

Not Over Yet
10:35:57 PM| 10/15/2018
By Jim Brown | Even if the market rallies on some Saudi Arabian lie, the small cap rout may not be over.

Two-Month Bottom
11:40:56 PM| 10/13/2018
By Jim Brown | Shares declined from a post earnings bounce to form a two-month bottom.

Volatility Spike
10:47:37 PM| 10/11/2018
By Jim Brown | The VIX spiked to 25 and a level that cannot be sustained for long periods.

Titanic Crash
10:05:32 PM| 10/10/2018
By Jim Brown | The broad market experienced an unexpected crash at the open and sank beneath support.

Teetering on the Brink
5:20:29 PM| 10/9/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell is poised to either rebond sharply or drag the market lower.

Time for a Rebound
10:18:06 PM| 10/8/2018
By Jim Brown | Today's intraday dip and rebound could have set the stage for a Q3 earnings rally.

Moving Average Support
5:20:50 PM| 10/6/2018
By Jim Brown | Moving averages are typically decent support with the 200-day the most reliable.

Bearish Divergence
10:54:57 PM| 10/4/2018
By Jim Brown | Some sector rotation is normal but we currently have some serious bearish divergence.

Market Kryptonite
10:37:27 PM| 10/3/2018
By Jim Brown | Interest rates have always been Kryptonite for bull markets.

No Bottom Yet
5:16:25 PM| 10/2/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors looking for a buying opportunity in small caps should be prepared.

Looking for a Bottom
10:14:16 PM| 10/1/2018
By Jim Brown | Monday was a capitulation day for the small caps.

Medical Cannabis
11:38:12 PM| 9/29/2018
By Jim Brown | You have probably never heard of this stock and cannabis in the same paragraph.

Russell is Lagging
9:34:48 PM| 9/27/2018
By Jim Brown | The lack of performance by the Russell 2000 in a positive market is disturbing.

Crisis Mode
11:57:22 PM| 9/26/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell's performance today put it on crisis alert.

Calm before the Rally?
7:37:51 PM| 9/25/2018
By Jim Brown | This was a calm day in the market and the smoke is clearing.

Election Fears?
10:17:41 PM| 9/24/2018
By Jim Brown | Trade fears were blamed for today's decline but election fears could have been a factor.

Beam Me Up Scotty
11:42:36 PM| 9/22/2018
By Jim Brown | Yesterday's science fiction is today's science fact.

Gap Open
10:15:35 PM| 9/20/2018
By Jim Brown | The markets gapped open on trade talk and positive economics.

Opposite Direction
11:40:13 PM| 9/19/2018
By Jim Brown | This may be just a temporary event but the Russell sank to a 4-week low

Not a Trend!
5:27:47 PM| 9/18/2018
By Jim Brown | I have said this many times but it bears repeating, one day does not make a trend.

Dip Buyers Unite!
9:59:21 PM| 9/17/2018
By Jim Brown | Dip buyers will have to band together at the open if the futures remain negative all night.

11:32:09 PM| 9/15/2018
By Jim Brown | After a big run this stock has consolidated and now ready for a new push higher.

Small Caps Weak
10:46:22 PM| 9/13/2018
By Jim Brown | Rotation into large caps weighed on the small cap sector.

Target Rich Environment
11:55:02 PM| 9/12/2018
By Jim Brown | This is the opposite of a target rich environment. Small caps are predominantly negative.

Patience Grasshopper
4:56:34 PM| 9/11/2018
By Jim Brown | The market is churning. Buyers and sellers are jockeying for position but there is no conviction.

Fence Sitters
10:21:11 PM| 9/10/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors are sitting on the fence waiting to see if September is going to lead us higher or lower.

Cloudy Sector
11:11:22 PM| 9/8/2018
By Jim Brown | Storm clouds over this sector are not likely to evaporate.

No Falling Knives
9:33:41 PM| 9/6/2018
By Jim Brown | The tech wreck is continuing and is spreading to other sectors.

Heading for Single Digits
11:36:31 PM| 9/5/2018
By Jim Brown | Being a pipsqueak in a sector of giants is dangerous.

Minor Hiccup
5:19:56 PM| 9/4/2018
By Jim Brown | The morning decline was expected and the impact was minor.

Out with the Old
11:50:40 PM| 9/1/2018
By Jim Brown | Retail is a harsh environment and old brands are losing their luster.

Consolidation Due
10:09:54 PM| 8/30/2018
By Jim Brown | After a week of gains we were due for some consolidation and fortunately it was very mild.

Picking Our Entries
11:05:18 PM| 8/29/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell 2000 went dormant for three days but is still up 4% since the 15th.

Nap Time
4:46:50 PM| 8/28/2018
By Jim Brown | Traders woke up, checked the headlines and went back to sleep.

Fund Flow Reversal?
10:47:53 PM| 8/27/2018
By Jim Brown | Small caps were weak as money flowed back into large caps as trade deals near.

Fierce Competition
10:11:42 PM| 8/25/2018
By Jim Brown | Keeping up with Amazon, Alibaba and the other internet retailers is a real challenge.

Fingers Crossed
11:06:46 PM| 8/23/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors are keeping their fingers crossed that the negative headlines are over.

Activist Investor Aboard
11:35:01 PM| 8/22/2018
By Jim Brown | When a stock fails to perform, the sharks begin to circle.

Lightning Ahead
5:43:53 PM| 8/21/2018
By Jim Brown | Volatility has a way of showing up when you least expect it.

Take a Day Off
9:51:03 PM| 8/20/2018
By Jim Brown | The next couple days could be lackluster if the Dow and Russell fail to break through resistance.

Bloom is Fading
8:00:49 PM| 8/18/2018
By Jim Brown | Some businesses bloom early in their life cycle only to fade away in the years that follow.

Counting Chickens
10:27:08 PM| 8/16/2018
By Jim Brown | They say don't count your chickens before they are hatched. Don't count rallies either.

10:56:38 PM| 8/15/2018
By Jim Brown | Wednesday could have been an anomaly and better days are ahead.

One Day Trend
5:06:26 PM| 8/14/2018
By Jim Brown | One day does not make a trend but it can be the start of a new trend.

Negative Money Flow
11:08:28 PM| 8/13/2018
By Jim Brown | Money was rotating out of big cap stocks but it was not flowing into small caps as in the last four cycles.

Back from the Dead
10:29:34 PM| 8/11/2018
By Jim Brown | After spending a year in the doghouse this stock is finally rebounding.

Quiet Sea
11:59:52 PM| 8/9/2018
By Jim Brown | With no headline wind to give the market direction, equities are floating on a calm sea.

11:06:32 PM| 8/8/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell continues to be listless and drifting with the market currents.

Who Called Time Out?
5:29:45 PM| 8/7/2018
By Jim Brown | After a strong opening, somebody blew the time out whistle and forgot to restart the game.

Buy the Rumor
10:45:02 PM| 8/6/2018
By Jim Brown | Rumors of trade talks with Mexico and China created a positive market.

Tariff Winner
8:22:34 PM| 8/5/2018
By Jim Brown | There are winners in the current tariff war environment.

Hitched a Ride
11:10:32 PM| 8/2/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell hitched a ride on the Nasdaq rally bus and posted a decent gain

Dying Fast
12:05:54 AM| 8/2/2018
By Jim Brown | The market and financial meltdown in China is taking its toll.

Dying Fast
11:05:54 PM| 8/1/2018
By Jim Brown | The market and financial meltdown in China is taking its toll.

Temporary Reprieve
7:02:24 PM| 7/31/2018
By Jim Brown | The Apple earnings and pre-Fed trend gave us a reprieve from the selling.

Turning Point
11:33:06 PM| 7/30/2018
By Jim Brown | Tuesday could bring us a reversal of fortunes OR cement the decline.

Competitive Bids
2:43:13 AM| 7/29/2018
By Jim Brown | When multiple companies are bidding on the same asset, the price always goes up.

Positive Breadth
10:16:42 PM| 7/26/2018
By Jim Brown | Despite the big decline on the Nasdaq the market breadth was positive.

Narrow Breadth
11:22:29 PM| 7/25/2018
By Jim Brown | Thursday could be an example of the perils of narrow breadth

Major Reversal
6:37:37 PM| 7/24/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell fell 31-points from its intraday high and closed at 2-week lows.

Holding Our Breath
10:53:22 PM| 7/23/2018
By Jim Brown | The lack of a market rally ahead of earnings is increasing the uncertainty factor.

Retail Winner
11:14:49 PM| 7/21/2018
By Jim Brown | This unconventional retailer is setting new highs.

Conviction Rising
10:20:30 PM| 7/19/2018
By Jim Brown | The big caps declined and small caps rose on the highest volume since June.

Fangs Dulled
1:21:59 AM| 7/19/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq is suffering from weakness in the FANG stocks.

Fangs Dulled
11:21:59 AM| 7/18/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq is suffering from weakness in the FANG stocks.

5:08:47 PM| 7/17/2018
By Jim Brown | The market rebound from the opening lows was encouraging.

10:11:14 PM| 7/16/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq could be de-fanged at the open on Tuesday after the Netflix disappointment.

Two Long Shots
11:19:44 PM| 7/14/2018
By Jim Brown | These two stocks are rising and the options are cheap.

Bank Earnings
11:44:36 PM| 7/12/2018
By Jim Brown | Friday kicks off the Q2 earnings cycle with earnings from the big banks.

Potential Sale
11:24:49 PM| 7/11/2018
By Jim Brown | This biotech company put itself up for sale.

Cashing Out
5:30:10 PM| 7/10/2018
By Jim Brown | Profits are not profits until the stock is sold.

Let the Good Times Roll
10:17:45 PM| 7/9/2018
By Jim Brown | The markets are setting up for an old-fashioned earnings run.

China Solar Tariffs
11:03:00 PM| 7/7/2018
By Jim Brown | The 25% tariff on Chinese solar products is positive for North American companies.

10:18:58 PM| 7/5/2018
By Jim Brown | The small cap sector continued to be immune to the tariff woes that plague the large caps.

3:50:14 PM| 7/3/2018
By Jim Brown | Micron could be the first casualty in the U.S.- China trade war.

Poised for Rebound
11:11:28 PM| 7/2/2018
By Jim Brown | The market could be poised for a rebound on July 5th.

Activism is a Risk
10:14:26 PM| 6/30/2018
By Jim Brown | This company is faced with a surge in negative activism.

Don't Touch that Mouse
9:11:08 PM| 6/28/2018
By Jim Brown | The major indexes were positive today but the market is still questionable.

No Port in the Storm
10:31:16 PM| 6/27/2018
By Jim Brown | Volume shot up to 7.78 billion shares as motivated sellers hit the market.

Pardon Our Construction
3:25:16 PM| 6/26/2018
By Jim Brown | You see those signs everywhere as buildings are remodeled and prepared for the next phase of their life.

Flight to Cash
10:59:22 PM| 6/25/2018
By Jim Brown | Quarter end portfolio rebalancing and negative headlines produced a flight to cash.

Netflix of Apparel
3:09:22 PM| 6/24/2018
By Jim Brown | Analysts are calling this company the Netflix of apparel.

No Complaints
9:49:59 PM| 6/21/2018
By Jim Brown | After weeks of gains in small caps we should not complain about some profit taking.

11:23:56 PM| 6/20/2018
By Jim Brown | This company has reinvented itself and investors are taking note.

Rotation Ahead
7:11:06 PM| 6/19/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell closed at another new high but there is trouble ahead.

Heading Lower
9:21:10 PM| 6/18/2018
By Jim Brown | The tariff war heated up after the close on Monday.

Acquisition Candidate
10:50:00 PM| 6/16/2018
By Jim Brown | There is no shortage of bidders for this company.

Event Risk?
10:03:11 PM| 6/14/2018
By Jim Brown | The potential headlines for this weekend are all political and should be ignored.

Profit Taking?
11:31:24 PM| 6/13/2018
By Jim Brown | Sometimes investors will look for an excuse to take profits and the hawkish Fed outlook was the answer.

Rate Risk Ahead
5:38:09 PM| 6/12/2018
By Jim Brown | Small cap stocks react negatively to higher rates but investors seemed unconcerned today.

Poised to Succeed
10:21:59 PM| 6/11/2018
By Jim Brown | The small cap sector failed to decline from the high and is poised to move higher.

10:55:19 PM| 6/9/2018
By Jim Brown | We are reentering this profitable position on a breakout to a new high.

Selling as Expected
6:23:17 PM| 6/7/2018
By Jim Brown | I warned on Wednesday there was likely to be profit taking after the big gains.

Expect Profit Taking
10:44:19 PM| 6/6/2018
By Jim Brown | It may not be immediate but there will be some profit taking from the recent rally.

Close but No Cigar
4:48:57 PM| 6/5/2018
By Jim Brown | The Dow tried to rebound from a triple digit loss to close positive but failed.

Comfortable Gain
9:22:30 PM| 6/4/2018
By Jim Brown | The market failed to get excited but 3 out of 5 indexes closed at new highs.

Aggressive Activist
11:46:43 PM| 6/2/2018
By Jim Brown | Some activist shareholders are calm and businesslike while others are impatient and aggressive.

Trouble Ahead
10:04:43 PM| 5/31/2018
By Jim Brown | Maybe, someday, possibly, no chance, suddenly turned into a reality event for stock TV.

New Highs
6:50:21 PM| 5/30/2018
By Jim Brown | Small caps stocks are making new highs and this company is no exception.

9:28:52 PM| 5/29/2018
By Jim Brown | Small caps did not post a gain but they were still the winners.

Broken Chips Recovering
9:43:31 PM| 5/26/2018
By Jim Brown | The semiconductor sector is recovering from a sharp bout of profit taking.

Bullish Friday?
10:21:14 PM| 5/24/2018
By Jim Brown | Are overnight traders going to turn the indexes positive for Friday?

Lookout Below
10:18:20 PM| 5/23/2018
By Jim Brown | After the bell, a new trade attack on China has crashed the futures.

Sentiment Fading
5:11:59 PM| 5/22/2018
By Jim Brown | Today saw nearly two thirds of Monday's short squeeze rally erased.

Short Squeeze Only
10:52:18 PM| 5/21/2018
By Jim Brown | The vast majority of the gains came on the short squeeze at the open.

11:37:42 PM| 5/19/2018
By Jim Brown | The stock decline is over and shares closed at a 4-month high.

Running Out of Month
7:27:16 PM| 5/17/2018
By Jim Brown | Summer begins in just over two weeks and investors will be focused elsewhere.

Turn Out the Lights
8:53:28 PM| 5/16/2018
By Jim Brown | This company is cursed and nothing it does seems to work.

Hidden Strength
5:54:34 PM| 5/15/2018
By Jim Brown | The relative strength in the small caps suggests the market decline could be short

Low Volume Selling
9:44:43 PM| 5/14/2018
By Jim Brown | Volume determines market direction. The side with the most volume wins.

Strong Economy
11:25:34 PM| 5/12/2018
By Jim Brown | This company said demand was strong and would be significantly stronger the rest of the year.

Weekend Event Risk
9:46:46 PM| 5/10/2018
By Jim Brown | With Israel and Iran trading punches overnight there could be another flare up over the weekend.

Drive It Home
9:42:24 PM| 5/9/2018
By Jim Brown | This company knocked the cover off the ball with their earnings.

This Could Be It
4:32:48 PM| 5/8/2018
By Jim Brown | The strong gains in the Russell 2000 today could be the start of a new rally.

Rally Continued
10:44:22 PM| 5/7/2018
By Jim Brown | The major indexes continued to post gains and despite an afternoon swoon, it was a good day.

Weather Casualty
10:47:05 PM| 5/5/2018
By Jim Brown | The harsh winter weather in the Northeast caused this earnings miss.

Sentiment Failure
9:53:09 PM| 5/3/2018
By Jim Brown | Market sentiment has turned negative despite the big intraday rebound.

Correction Returning
6:46:17 PM| 5/2/2018
By Jim Brown | The Dow closed back in correction territory and the S&P is not far behind.

Thank You Apple
5:06:54 PM| 5/1/2018
By Jim Brown | Apple's post earnings spike could translate into small cap tech gains on Wednesday.

Decision Time
9:10:45 PM| 4/30/2018
By Jim Brown | Geopolitical headlines chased investors to the sidelines.

Np Options
11:21:54 PM| 4/28/2018
By Jim Brown | With the earnings cycle in full swing and the market in a declining pattern there are few options.

Stuck in a Range
10:30:50 PM| 4/26/2018
By Jim Brown | The major indexes are stuck in a congestion range and still in a downtrend.

Lack of Opportunity
10:12:10 PM| 4/25/2018
By Jim Brown | Sometimes it does not matter how hard you try. There are no opportunities.

Buckle Up
5:26:25 PM| 4/24/2018
By Jim Brown | There may be a rocky road ahead unless buyers suddenly arrive in volume.

Heavy Traffic Ahead
9:45:18 PM| 4/23/2018
By Jim Brown | There are six Dow components reporting earnings on Tuesday and six more later in the week.

Rebound Ahead?
11:13:52 PM| 4/21/2018
By Jim Brown | This company crashed 20% in March but recent events suggest a rebound ahead.

Fickle Investors
10:31:41 PM| 4/19/2018
By Jim Brown | It is not what stocks have done for investors in the past but what they did today that matters.

Reinventing the Brand
11:01:10 PM| 4/18/2018
By Jim Brown | Older companies routinely go through stressful times as the are forced to refresh the brand.

6:27:26 PM| 4/17/2018
By Jim Brown | Better than a repeat, we got a strong rally in the Nasdaq and Russell.

Please Repeat
11:00:44 PM| 4/16/2018
By Jim Brown | We would like nothing better than a nice calm repeat of today's gains.

Going Optical for Speed
10:43:33 PM| 4/14/2018
By Jim Brown | If you want a fast network, it has to be optical.

Too Good To Be True
7:38:17 PM| 4/12/2018
By Jim Brown | After a decent day in the market, the negative headline flow continued after the bell.

Buying a Big Cap
10:11:35 PM| 4/11/2018
By Jim Brown | This stock has had a rough nine months but the worst may be over

Market Test Ahead
4:35:35 PM| 4/10/2018
By Jim Brown | The China short squeeze lifted the indexes to resistance but nothing more.

Fireworks Ahead
10:24:42 PM| 4/9/2018
By Jim Brown | After a disappointing intraday decline, Tuesday could see fireworks.

Summer Fun Ahead
10:54:56 PM| 4/7/2018
By Jim Brown | Summer is a critical season for this retailer and they are headed higher.

Event Risk Friday
5:22:44 PM| 4/5/2018
By Jim Brown | With market shaking headlines every couple of days the news cycle over the weekend will be very important.

Aggressive Retailer
10:21:05 PM| 4/4/2018
By Jim Brown | There is nothing holding this retailer back. If they build it, customers will come.

Not a Bull Market
3:49:07 PM| 4/3/2018
By Jim Brown | The rebound was encouraging but lacked any material conviction.

Strong Antibiotic
9:47:21 PM| 4/2/2018
By Jim Brown | A strong washout is always the equivalent to a high dose antibiotic to combat a lingering market infection.

Opioid Recovery
10:33:02 PM| 4/1/2018
By Jim Brown | Drug stocks involved in the manufacture and marketing of opioids have been under attack.

Teetering on a Cliff
9:52:50 PM| 3/28/2018
By Jim Brown | The major indexes other than the Nasdaq traded to a draw with no obvious direction.

Direction Change?
6:46:24 PM| 3/27/2018
By Jim Brown | The bulls are fading and the bears are gaining conviction.

Oversold Short Squeeze
9:28:04 PM| 3/26/2018
By Jim Brown | The equity markets were very oversold at the close Friday after the Dow declined -1,423 points in three days.

11:49:32 PM| 3/24/2018
By Jim Brown | What should we do in a falling market where every chart is broken?

Misery Loves Company
8:37:42 PM| 3/22/2018
By Jim Brown | The one good thing about Thursday's crash is that everyone was treated equal. There were no safe havens.

Declining Revenue
10:54:33 PM| 3/21/2018
By Jim Brown | After multiple quarters of rising revenue, expectations exceeded guidance.

Walking on Eggshells
5:57:13 PM| 3/20/2018
By Jim Brown | Traders and investors alike appear to be very concerned about what Powell will say on Wednesday.

Nightmare on Wall Street
10:02:05 PM| 3/19/2018
By Jim Brown | Despite record inflows of cash to equity funds the market is stuck in a recurring nightmare.

Massive Revenue Growth
11:09:06 PM| 3/17/2018
By Jim Brown | Q4 revenues rose +124% and they are guiding for another 100% rise in 2018.

Event Risk Ahead
4:59:23 PM| 3/15/2018
By Jim Brown | There is always some form of event risk heading into a weekend.

On Second Thought
9:12:40 PM| 3/14/2018
By Jim Brown | After being up +4 early in the session the futures are now -9.

Cloudy Day
5:57:27 PM| 3/13/2018
By Jim Brown | Even in the heart of spring there will be cloudy days and thunderstorms.

Surging on Drug News
11:59:13 PM| 3/10/2018
By Jim Brown | Achieving major milestones with new drugs always lifts stock prices.

Monday Starts a New Chapter
9:46:31 PM| 3/8/2018
By Jim Brown | The weeklong flurry of tariff headlines is over and the market will begin a new chapter on Monday.

Bluster Fading
10:04:58 PM| 3/7/2018
By Jim Brown | The original tariff headlines were traumatic for the market but the bluster is fading.

Uncertainty Reigns
4:29:50 PM| 3/6/2018
By Jim Brown | The market is not out of the woods yet but investors are seeing daylight ahead.

Head Fake?
9:36:03 PM| 3/5/2018
By Jim Brown | Was today's rally just an oversold bounce into a bull trap?

Moving On Up
9:55:56 PM| 3/3/2018
By Jim Brown | When everything is working out as planned, other people notice.

Trade Wars Begin
5:18:09 PM| 3/1/2018
By Jim Brown | The equity market was the first casualty of the coming trade war.

Sudden Reversal
9:36:58 PM| 2/28/2018
By Jim Brown | One day is not a trend, two days are disturbing.

Painful Reality
6:17:38 PM| 2/27/2018
By Jim Brown | The market is going to have to face facts eventually.

Holding Our Breath
9:31:20 PM| 2/26/2018
By Jim Brown | Today's rally was great but there is a major pothole ahead.

Sell the News
11:13:20 PM| 2/24/2018
By Jim Brown | Earnings may have been surprising but the news is still bad.

Weak Week
5:23:25 PM| 2/22/2018
By Jim Brown | The market is not making any forward progress after four days of effort.

Rethinking the Rebound
9:44:38 PM| 2/21/2018
By Jim Brown | Apparently, investors suddenly remembered markets can go down as well as up.

Stuck in the Middle with You
7:01:50 PM| 2/20/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell is stuck between the 50-day and the 100-day.

54% Earnings Growth
11:39:37 PM| 2/17/2018
By Jim Brown | This giant company is projected to grow earnings by 54% in 2018.

Runaway Nasdaq
8:36:11 PM| 2/15/2018
By Jim Brown | This Nasdaq posted another triple digit gain as it closes in on the prior highs.

Beat and Guide Higher
9:35:05 PM| 2/14/2018
By Jim Brown | This networking stock rallied through the market crash thanks to an earnings beat.

Waiting for the Trap to Snap Shut
4:43:40 PM| 2/13/2018
By Jim Brown | Traders are being cautious as they nibble at the stock cheese.

Pause for Planning
6:07:44 PM| 2/12/2018
By Jim Brown | Investors appeared to pause on Monday while they plan their next moves.

Beat and Raise
11:23:40 PM| 2/10/2018
By Jim Brown | A small cap stock that beats on earnings and sees raised price targets is a rarity.

Significant Indecision
10:27:55 PM| 2/8/2018
By Jim Brown | S&P futures are all over the place tonight and suggesting Friday could be exciting.

Still Going and Going
9:25:00 PM| 2/7/2018
By Jim Brown | While the worst part of the decline may be over the huge swings in the market are continuing.

Not Over Yet
11:05:16 PM| 2/6/2018
By Jim Brown | The volatility flu has not run its course although the worst may be over.

Stand Aside
9:35:04 PM| 2/5/2018
By Jim Brown | With the small caps at 2-month lows and the market imploding, patience is required.

Defense Funding Ahead
10:08:12 PM| 2/3/2018
By Jim Brown | You cannot fight a war today without state of the art equipment.

Market Outlook Fading
8:41:33 PM| 2/1/2018
By Jim Brown | The extreme volatility may have finally killed investor sentiment.

Chips Crumbling
7:17:43 PM| 1/31/2018
By Jim Brown | The semiconductor sector appears to have peaked and small cap chip stocks are falling to the bottom of the market's bag.

Russian Roulette
10:35:45 PM| 1/30/2018
By Jim Brown | When choosing new position there should be at least a general idea of market direction.

Get Over It
8:45:56 PM| 1/29/2018
By Jim Brown | AT&T has changed their compensation plans for selling mobile phones and DirecTV. This caused sellers to take some unexpected losses.

Massive Market
11:42:52 PM| 1/27/2018
By Jim Brown | This retailer has access to more than a billion consumers.

Still Waiting
9:16:42 PM| 1/25/2018
By Jim Brown | With decliners outpacing advancers in the small cap indexes, any gains could be minimal.

Volatility Kills
7:33:23 PM| 1/24/2018
By Jim Brown | Extreme volatility kills positions as investors panic and run to the sidelines

Euphoria Rising
10:18:53 PM| 1/23/2018
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq is accelerating higher ahead of next week's big cap tech earnings

Retail Breakout
9:18:23 PM| 1/22/2018
By Jim Brown | Retailers of every shape and size are moving steadily higher. This one has a long way to go.

Overlooked Chip Stock
11:11:56 PM| 1/20/2018
By Jim Brown | Everybody knows Intel, AMD, Broadcom and Nvidia but there are quality companies with names you would not recognize.

Line in the Sand
8:24:38 PM| 1/18/2018
By Jim Brown | Senate lawmakers are facing a line in the sand after the House passed a temporary funding bill.

Don't Play in Traffic
9:21:35 PM| 1/17/2018
By Jim Brown | Stepping in front of this market is like trying to cross the track at the Indy 500.

Testing Bullish Conviction
10:35:17 PM| 1/16/2018
By Jim Brown | Tuesday's intraday reversal is a test of bullish conviction. Let's pass.

Positive Drug Trial
11:17:37 PM| 1/13/2018
By Jim Brown | This company just completed a drug trial that saw stunning results after a single day of treatment.

Credit Slippage
10:24:42 PM| 1/11/2018
By Jim Brown | REITS depend on their lessees to pay the rent on time or dividends are impacted.

Strong Holiday Sales
9:23:48 PM| 1/10/2018
By Jim Brown | The 2017 holiday shopping season was very strong for several retailers.

Small Caps Weak
11:04:13 PM| 1/9/2018
By Jim Brown | The Russell 2000 is struggling to gain more than a couple points a day.

8:58:36 PM| 1/8/2018
By Jim Brown | Companies start out in one line of business and end up succeeding in a different sector.

Time for a Breakout
10:38:03 PM| 1/6/2018
By Jim Brown | This company is rebounding from a bad decision.

Full Load
9:41:27 PM| 1/4/2018
By Jim Brown | With the Russell lagging the big cap indexes there is no rush to buy small cap stocks.

Sector Crashing
7:43:43 PM| 1/3/2018
By Jim Brown | After years of boom times, this sector is imploding.

Time Will Tell
9:59:44 PM| 1/2/2018
By Jim Brown | Was Tuesday a real rally with legs or just a short covering head fake?

Boom & Bust
9:16:49 PM| 1/1/2018
By Jim Brown | Some companies cannot maintain a trend and continually cycle between boom and bust.

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