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About should be the focal point for every investor's search for information. On the Internet there is no shortage of information but much of that information is worthless, out of date or simply wrong. Members to the Premier Investor Newsletter use the power of the Internet to find effective trading strategies that work!

If you are making critical investment decisions using the Internet then you should be using Premier Investor. As a cornerstone to the Premier Investor Network, Premier Investor brings you some of the best the network has to offer for commentary and market analysis.

Why do you need

The World Wide Web is a big place. There are thousands of investment newsletters and advisory services across the globe. Whether you are an active trader or a part-time investor everyone is looking for an edge to make their next investment more profitable and increase the size of their portfolio. has taken four successful newsletters and created one ultimate investor newsletter.

Four Newsletters in One.

For years has been the place to go for solid information on what stocks are splitting, who's likely to split next and how can an investor profit from the positive effect a stock split can have on a company's share price. Now you can find all that information and more including email split alerts and new candidates here at Premier Investor.

The Internet bubble may have burst but there is still a strong draw for investors looking for the next big mover in the tech sector. That's why we have combined the effective trading strategies of, one of the web's leading investment newsletters on tech stocks, into the strategies section at Premier Investor.

Let us not forget that stock splits and Internet stocks may be popular but you can make money trading other sectors of the market as well. Active traders can benefit from the quality research provided by the StockBottom newsletter and its active trader section and watch list.

Just want to stay on top of the market? Then readers of the Premier Markets newsletter will be happy to know that we've combined its excellent market analysis in Premier Investor's daily intraday updates. Plus, regular readers can still benefit from the quality educational articles and the weekly Market Watch section.

It is our vision to provide the active investor with a single source for everything they need to know to make a trade. We are dedicated to that vision and that's why you'll continue to see us improve our service to you, the reader.

We are confident that if you're in the market or just want to stay on top of the action then you'll find that is exactly what you've been looking for.

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