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Our Services at Premier Investor

The individual investor has never had a more powerful opportunity to chart their own course than in today's world of the Information Age. The Internet coupled with the growth of online brokers and investment newsletters has forever changed the way people chose to invest.

Designed for the Individual Investor. 

Oceans of investment information are available for those willing to look for it (and even those who are not looking for it). The new challenge for the active investor is how to interpret the reams of data at their fingertips.

What's more when you consider that many are investing without any formal background in technical analysis or market forecasting, the odds for success dwindle.

Timely Info for Discerning Traders. provides everything discerning traders need to be successful in today's volatile markets. Pre-market and intraday market analysis, effective trading strategies, in addition to educational articles, charts, and a chat room of your peers.

If you're the type of investor looking for effective, timely information on which stocks appear ready to move then is the service for you.

For most of us, the lifestyle of the full-time trader dedicated to doing his own research day after day is beyond our reach. We want the freedom of choosing our own investments but lack the time and experience necessary to make these choices effective.

Valuable Tool in Your Research. 

This is where can become a valuable tool in your search for quick, reasonable trading strategies.

At the core of our service are the stock picks but we know that different investors have different time horizons. Plus, each individual has a unique tolerance for risk. Therefore we also provide a daily watch list of stocks that look like they are about to make a move but don't qualify as a "play" for the newsletter.

Monday through Friday, delivers a selection of stock picks based on quality technical analysis and a strong grasp of market moving fundamentals. Whether you're bullish or bearish - offers both types of strategies throughout the week in our Stock Splits, Tech Stocks and Active Trader sections.

Through the Eyes of a Professional. 

Looking at the market through the eyes of an industry professional is invaluable to your success. The market wraps are your daily dose of reality to offset the hype and sensationalism you see on other financial media channels.

Significant Value

When compared to other traditional investment newsletters, is a significant value because our information is timely and updated daily. What's more, our website gives investors full access to investment analysis and tools. So whether you are just starting out or an experienced online trader user, you can benefit from our comprehensive services.

The newsletter with Stock Splits, Tech Stocks, Active Trading Strategies and Intraday Updates in ONE convenient location is exactly what today's online investor is looking for.

What Members Get:

Service Range   Monthly Fee  
Daily Market Commentary   Included
Intraday Updates plus Pre & Post Market   Included
Daily Watch List   Included
Sector Analysis   Included
Weekly Market Watch   Included
Stock Split Announcements   Included
Stock Split Candidates   Included
Stock Split & Candidate plays   Included
Internet & Tech Bullish plays   Included
Internet & Tech Bearish plays   Included
Long-term Tech picks   Included
Active Trader Bullish plays   Included
Active Trader Bearish plays   Included
Options 101 articles   Included
Trading 101 articles   Included
Trader's Corner articles   Included
Ask the Analyst Q&A   Included
Play of the Day   Included

Monthly Subscription Fee

  $ 29.95
Quarterly Subscription Fee   $ 79.95
Annual Subscription Fee   $269.95

How do you know if is right for you? We recommend a free two-week trial to get a feel for our editors and analysts. If you like what you see - tell a friend.

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